Private portfolio management. 

We offer professionally managed Australian equity portfolios. Our portfolios are not managed to mirror any particular index and are not required to be fully invested at all times.

Ocean’s investment approach is based on bottom-up, fundamental stock picking, with no use of leverage. Each position in our portfolios will stand on its own, based on our assessment of a significant discrepancy existing between current market price and intrinsic business value. 



Here are a few of the benefits of an Ocean Individually Managed Account:

Consistent, disciplined approach to investing.

Our investment strategy is based upon the disciplined implementation of a consistent investment strategy that has proven successful over time.

Full transparency of underlying investments.

Unlike an investment in a managed fund, with an Ocean IMA you can monitor all underlying portfolio positions and transactions.                         

Tax efficiency.

With an Ocean IMA, we are able to manage your individual tax position in the most efficient manner, taking into account franking credits and holding periods for CGT. 

Strong track record of performance.

Ocean has generated a strong track record of investment performance since inception. This data is available upon request.                                           

Retain beneficial ownership of your investments.

There are significant benefits of retaining direct ownership of your holdings, such as portability and enjoying the full benefits of franking credits from dividend payments.

Ease of administration.

We provide online access to real-time information and comprehensive reporting regarding your account allowing you to simplify your administrative burden.