Australian equity market investors.

We are a value oriented, research driven investment management firm dedicated to doing one thing well - generating strong returns on your money, alongside our own.



Value Oriented.

We look for mis-priced securities. The price that we pay for an investment will ultimately determine the return we will achieve.

Research Driven.

We work hard at understanding why the market might be mis-pricing a particular security in order to develop a variant perception.

Patient Capital.

We are unable to predict short term share price fluctuations. We add value by developing long term investment theses and giving them time to play out.

Direct Ownership.

Owning your assets directly instead of via a managed fund allows for full control, tax efficient management and ease of administration.  

Full Transparency.

Online, real-time access to your investments. Know exactly how your money is being invested at all times. 

Alignment of Interest.

We eat our own cooking by investing our money alongside yours. We only do well when you do well.